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Sarah Silverman cuddles with Kristen Bell, takes pot shots at Walt Disney at the Friends of Saban Annual Dinner Gala

Sarah Silverman has never been known as a comedienne with tact, but when she was performing for the audience that gathered at the Friends of the Saban Community Clinic annual dinner gala on Tuesday, she took aim at one of the icons who's image has been most fervently protected over the years. "I shouldn't mention Walt Disney being a Holocaust denier in this room,...
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Hot or Not: Sarah Silverman

I have developed an affection recently for that bizarre Sunday night cartoon which follows my beloved Simpsons. That's right, for some reason, while I'm not a huge "adult cartoon show" person (I might dabble in some "Futurama" other than "The Simpsons," but that whole Cartoon Network appeal escapes me), I think I might have grown to love "Bob's Burgers." Which made me realize that I...
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Sarah Silverman gets cheeky with her video game counterpart

In the movie I was certain I wasn't going to be all that impressed with, if not outright hate because I'm from the 8-bit arcade generation who didn't want to see any of my old beloved games mocked, Sarah Silverman , normally one of those actresses I'm not all that impressed by, turned out to be my favorite character as the little glitch Venelope. Sarah and John C. Reilly turned out for a...
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