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Top Ten Hottest MILFs of 2013

Everybody loves a sexy mom, right? That's the concept which floats across the movie making industry, as they cast hot actress after hot actress to play maternal figures in everything from dramas to comedies to action flicks to superhero sagas. If she's a badass, that's only more of a plus. So here's my Top Ten favorite movie MILFs from this past year.
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Is it too soon to be evaluating the state of Angelina Jolie's boobs?

Angelina Jolie got some flak for having dual mastectomies earlier in the year, from folks who thought that action was a little harsh - especially for someone who hadn't even been diagnosed with anything. I don't know, seeing what happened to her mom and the statistics about inherited traits playing a big role in breast cancer, I think I can understand why she did it. However one chooses to...
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Angelina Jolie brings her new boobs to the World War Z premiere

If you're caught up to speed in the world of hottie news, you know Angelina Jolie recently had a double mastectomy . In other words, she got her boobies downsized. Of course, many fans of Lara's Crofts soaked their pillows with tears (and perhaps other things) on the day of this news, but it's understandable. If she feels that having the operation is necessary for her health,...
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