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I might have to head to Downton Abbey if they have babes like Michelle Dockery

What a nice little arse Michelle Dockery has on her. I didn't think that they made them that way for BBC shows like "Downton Abbey." (A show that I was certain was named DowntoWn Abbey because I'm American and stupid like that.) Then again, I haven't spent any time watching the show mainly due to the fact that I follow Patton Oswalt on Twitter and he tends to go off into Tweet rages about the...
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Taylor Swift is like an angel at the Winter Whites Gala

I know posting up any articles on this chick is a risk, but after really thinking about it for a second, I've come to the conclusion that yes, Taylor Swift is indeed f*cking beautiful. I know not everyone agrees and I know her personality and songs may not be what many people consider attractive, but the girl's seriously nice to look at. The luscious, blonde hair, gorgeous eyes and cute bod...
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