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Alison Brie drops the hotness Rapunzel style while in her pajamas

There are a whole slew of cutesy rom-com things starring Alison Brie getting ready to hit theaters in the months to come. Take this one the busty sweetheart was filming in NYC the other day called HOW TO BE SINGLE. Sounds like my life story. It's Alison's story as well, though for completely different reasons. Girl could have anyone she wants. Me, well, my choices tend to be somewhat more...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Leslie Bibb

For today's Hottie Clip of the Day I've got to warn you guys right away - it's a little tame and sappy. But have faith! For today's clip we've got super hottie Leslie Bibb! Some of you may not classify Bibb as a super hottie but this guy sure does! That smile alone can do some damage! Anyway, today's scene sees Bibb way back from 1999 in a WB TV show called "Popular." In the clip...
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Sofia Vergara jiggles for Gigolo

Busty Latin princess Sofia Vergara is currently filming a new movie called FADING GIGOLO, which has a rather interesting pedigree. Directed by John Turturro, it stars Woody Allen, Sharon Stone and Sofia and tells the story of a guy who becomes a gigolo to help his broke friend Murray (played by Allen) and also brings in his friend Murray to be his pimp/manager and then I guess hijinks...
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