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Demi Lovato shows off her beautiful butt in St. Barts

I don't know what it is exactly that gives me the skeeves about Wilmer Valderrama, other than all of the gossip tabloid stuff. Or perhaps it was the way he looked put out by the affection that his hot girlfriend, Demi Lovato was showing him when she trucked his ungrateful ass to St. Barts for a mini vacation while she prepped for a show there. He should be happy to be with someone who is...
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The Hottie Stop Interviews Alicja Bachleda, star of The Girl is in Trouble!

The first time I really took notice of the absolutely lovely Alicja Bachleda was in the film ONDINE - starring opposite the incredible Colin Farrell - and she was stunning. Thankfully, you can currently find this beauty in the Spike Lee produced feature THE GIRL IS IN TROUBLE and she once again shines as the girl who happens to be in a bit of trouble. In one of the leading roles,...
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