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Kelly Rohrbach picks out some personal bikini wearing time

I know I'm probably the only one but I'm looking forward the the upcoming BAYWATCH movie. Not only is it fun to watch The Rock get his bulging muscles thing on, there's a real appeal to Zac Efron in comedies these days, as if the former pretty boy from Disney has figured out his strong suit is being a raunchy funnyman. And don't even get me started on the list of hot ladies in the film, my...
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Who wants to get rescued by Keeley Hazell and her perfect body?

Well here's someone we don't see all that often, I'm sorry to say. When looking for the perfect big titty Brit body a decade or so ago, chances are good you probably wound up looking at a picture of Keeley Hazell eventually. But after a time Keeley decided to pursue more noble pursuits of some sort, which seemed to do little more than remove her from most people's fickle...
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