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Top 6 Hottest Ass-Kicking Babes (video)

Times have really changed when it comes to how the ass-kicking is distributed between characters in the typical action movie. In decades past, kicking of the asses was handled predominantly by one individual, usually a rippling male made famous for how many asses they managed to kick in the course of the standard movie run time. Nowadays, asses are kicked in a much more evenly...
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BOTB Assassins: Angelina Jolie vs Devon Aoki vs Uma Thurman

I thought it might to fun to take a walk on the the thicker side of the road last week when I matched up three of the top plus sized models but you guys didn't have as strong of a response to those juicy thighs that I do. Or at least, you chose not to speak out about lovin' the chub, aside from three brave souls who deemed Robyn Lawley the hottest of the bunch. I'm still surprised our...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Female Assassins

I suppose if you have to get taken out, like if you just ripped off the mob or you just want to snuff it before the cancer eats you alive, one could do worse than being taken out by a hottie. I'd put that one down on any list of the best ways to check out. Obviously the preferred method of hottie assassination would be to get lucky with the femme fetale who is actually a hit woman...
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