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Christian Serratos is here to chew bubblegum & look hot in Bello magazine

I don't know what it is when a Latina decides to let the chola in her reign supreme, but I think it's sexy. Especially those long double french braids that The Walking Dead star, Christian Serratos is sporting in the photoshoot she did with Bello magazine. The actress looks fairly tame in this spread, with her cleavage hinted at rather than flaunted, as seems to be the case whenever most...
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BOTB Walking Dead: Christian Serratos vs Danai Gurira vs Lauren Cohan

Last week I jumped the gun and posted a battle based on a movie that's coming out this week instead of last, but we can look back and call it a nostalgia trip because everyone seemed eager to praise how good the ladies of the 1980's are looking in their 50's (and 60's). Diane Lane is still a big winner, besting Susanna Hoffs and Christie Brinkley. Now, for this week, I've heard that a...
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Chloe Bennet is a braless marvel at the Walking Dead season six premiere event

I gave up on "The Walking Dead" sometime mid fourth season, although I recall tuning in for a couple of episodes from season five. I mainly cannot stand having to hear Chris Hardwick's when the promos for "Talking Dead" come on during the show, with his screeching snake oil salesman's voice killing whatever dramatic vibe was going on. Plus, what more can they really do with this show?...
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