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The only rival to Haley Bennett's 2016 movie streak are her magazine spreads

It's been established time and again just how prolific Haley Bennett has been this year. While the rest of us have lamented the loss of countless celebrities and debated endlessly about one candidate or another, Haley has spent much of this year premiering one movie after another. Girl's energy reserves must be off the chart. I've found myself equally taken with many of her equally...
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Beautiful Odeya Rush tries her hand at an old-timey photoshoot for Vs Magazine

We might just have a successor to Mila Kunis when it comes to actresses with wide, expressive eyes. The lovely Odeya Rush , star of movies such as THE GIVER and GOOSEBUMPS, works her peepers in an alternately colorful & black and white shoot for the winter issue of Vs magazine. The spread features Rush in a variety of corsets & stockings, showing that the 18-year old can manage to look...
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Teresa Palmer finds herself in a spotlight of sexy, trailer home hotness

This girl is f*cking beautiful. That's the only thing that can come out of my mouth whenever I see this girl. It has slipped my mind who she was exactly (I think that's what drinking four java stouts in the morning will do to you), but after looking her up the thought, "Oh, yeah. She was that chick in all those movies I never saw!" came up. I hope that changes, though. I...
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