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Our Favorite Scarlett Johansson Moments! (Video)

As someone who appreciates a beautiful, stunning woman to lay eyes on, I also appreciate a true actress, one who lives and breathes the art form no matter what the medium. Luckily, once in a blue moon, nature will produce an actress who's both. To me, Scarlett Johansson falls under this category. She keeps herself busy all year round, whether she's a cat on a hot tin roof, or doing...
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Exclusive Video: JoBlo presents… Our Favorite Jessica Alba Moments!

Jessica Alba Moments! If you're reading this, movies and hotties are two things that you probably consider a necessity in life, and you need them to survive. Sure, a movie is a movie, and a hottie is a hottie… but the combination of hotties in movies has intensely raised the stakes of just how "hot" a hottie can be. One very obvious example of this is the...
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MovieHotties pays tribute to our favorite movie car wash scenes… in video form!

When it comes to quick and easy ways to raise money, the movies will tell you a bikini car wash can never fail. After all, people love giving to Charity, especially if her strip routine happens to be during happy hour on a friday night. Sadly, when they happen in real life, it just isn't quite as drool-inducing (perhaps it's the lack of slow motion). Truth be told, sexy car wash scenes on...
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