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Face Off: Mila Kunis vs. Kristen Bell

I take it some of you disagreed with some of my sentiments toward Zoe Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez in last week's Face Off . I get it. Zoe is kind of a sacred cow for a lot of folks. I like her too. For whatever reason Michelle just stacks up better for me. Go figure. Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell head up this week's BAD MOMS, yet another raunchcom with a twist. I can't...
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Gosh! Tina Majorino looks totally hot in Annex magazine

That 1% milk has really been paying off. Tina Majorino is no longer the chubby cheeked kid actress or even the slightly awkward teenager she used to be in movies like NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and shows such as "Veronica Mars." In fact, this photoshoot for Annex magazine is so hot, I had to go looking up some more source material of hers to binge on. I can't keep up with all of the television shows,...
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Hot or Not: Tessa Thompson

Just because she hasn't worked a lot (yet) in film and television doesn't mean that you haven't formed your opinions on Gwendoline Christie, last week's Hot or Not feature. Most were generally positive although the vibe was definitely more one of respect than of lust. Now how about someone who seems as if she's new to the scene but has been kicking around for a number of years already...
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Hottie Clip: Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars

Forgetting Sarah Marshall's birthday would be a crime against humanity, so let's all send our love to today's birthday girl, Kristen Bell ! So as to be polite, I won't say what age she's turned, but here's a hint: it rhymes with schmirty-schmive. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her schmirty-schmourth birthday, and if you've followed...
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