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Top 6 Hottest DC Movie Characters (video)

With WONDER WOMAN about ready to hit theaters next week, we thought it was an opportune time to rank a few of the hotties who brought the sexy to DC movies. There have been a surprising number of them over the years. Even when excluding the TV shows and animated features, whittling the list of hottie heroes down to 6 was a challenge. But I think we captured the best of the best of the...
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Face Off: Imogen Poots vs. Ashley Benson

It was a clear windfall for Carla Gugino over Jennifer Aniston in the last Face Off I think that's the right choice. As nicely as Jen is holding up against the years, Carla is doing just as nicely. She's also a much more interesting person and a more well rounded actress, in more ways than one. I see Imogen Poots has her Jimi Hendrix biopic JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE opening here in...
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Face Off: Karen Gillan vs. Natalie Portman

There was a clear preference for AnnaSophia Robb over Maria Menounos in last week's Face Off. Yeah, hers is a pretty fine ass. So is Maria's. I go back and forth on who's better. Then again, going back and forth on those two sounds like a pretty good idea. It's pretty incredible how virtually everyone in Hollywood is doing or has done something in a comic book movie. More and more...
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