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Natalie Dormer makes adorable faces, shows off cleavage on Univison

Lest we begin to think that Jennifer Lawrence is the only hot female in the cast of MOCKINGJAY PART ONE (while I respect that there are Jena Malone fans on this site, I doubt that she's going to look all that great in the next couple of movies considering that her character was picked up by the evil doers of Panem to be tortured until she goes even more bat shit crazy than she had been prior,...
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Jaimie Alexander goes to the dogs and gets horny on Univision's Despierta America

Your minds might all be on Halloween today, but next weekend when THOR: THE DARK WORLD gets its wide release, it'll be back to the superhero movies in no time. Which might be a great thing after you check out the cuteness that is Jaimie Alexander as she visits the set of Univision's "Despierta America," a morning talk show that gets held in Spanish, if I'm to understand correctly. Jaimie...
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