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Kimberley Garner takes the plunge at the UK premiere of Lone Ranger

The last time I posted about UK Z-lister Kimberley Garner , she was carrying big seashells in front of her chest while neglecting to notice that her bikini bottom was falling off in the waves in the beach. These cute little blonde models will do what it takes for attention. Can't blame them, I suppose. They can want to have the "easy" dream of becoming famous if they want to. Hence, the...
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Una Healy is a Saturday, out for a Thursday premiere of Oz The Great and Powerful

I have a feeling that Nicholas Hoult (and the sheer incredible hotness that is Ewan McGregor) will not be able to withstand the tornado that is OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL when it gets released a week after JACK THE GIANT SLAYER . I'd like to say that Nick has to be enjoying the fact that WARM BODIES has done so well, especially since sales of the book that it was based on apparently moved...
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