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Taylor Swift looks retro a-go-go with freckles in Vogue UK

When she was featured in Rolling Stone , it seemed as if Taylor Swift was all about the biting sharpness of Hollywood gossip mongering, supposedly throwing stones in Katy Perry's direction. It lead to some vague tweets from Perry and people generally finding that bad taste in their mouths again regarding Swift. Now the "Shake it Off" blonde singer is posing for the...
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Katy Perry kisses Santa for Glamour UK and likes it

Let's try to take the focus off whether or not she's gotten herself too attached to Douchebag Mayer or whether she's a racist because she dressed in a geisha costume for a Japanese-themed performance on the AMAs and instead let's consider if a male model dressed in a Santa suit should be so lucky as to garner Katy Perry's affections, even if it is for a photo shoot in Glamour UK. The singer...
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Cate Blanchett is recreating what it looks like to be 40-something in Harper's Bazaar

It's fairly easy to love Cate Blanchett . She's gorgeous, she's mad talented and she's capable of being an Australian who had a role as one of the most famous British members of royalty, which never ceases to crack me up since those were the very people who decided to ship convicts to Australia and ended up creating the world in which Cate Blanchett was created. UK's Harper's Bazaar is using...
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