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Krysten Ritter slips into Jessica Jones' denim & leather on Defenders set

If you think it took a long time for us to get that Veronica Mars movie and finally dive back into the high-jinx of the alumni of Neptune High, well, you better buckle up buttercup, because it's going to be a long wait until we get the second season of Jessica Jones . First we got to meet NetFlix's Matt Murdock in the form of Charlie Cox. Then a little Jessica. Then a little bit more Matt....
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Margot Robbie wipes out in spectacular style while getting her Gidget on

Just call her Gnarly Quinn! Margot Robbie is making the most of her Hawaii vacation, tackling surfing before she has to hit the red carpet to promote the premiere of SUICIDE SQUAD in a couple of weeks. Leave it to Robbie to wipe out with style, looking fit and fabulous in that simple white one-piece. I know some people were commenting that she was looking thicker through the waist in that...
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Face Off: Zoe Saldana vs. Michelle Rodriguez

As talented and widespread as Alicia Vikander has become in the last year, it was Gal Gadot who most of you found to be the better hottie in last week's Face Off . Makes sense, what with her Wonder Woman cred. I find it heartening how despite the mixed reception BvS received and all the gripes about her casting, Gal seemed to be the only part of that movie people were widely...
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Ronda Rousey was one fierce knockout in her SNL promo pics

I didn't watch "Saturday Night Live" this weekend and I'm kicking myself just a bit. See, while I have mad love for Ronda Rousey , the show's history with athletes isn't all that stellar. From the horrible stuff of the '90's where Nancy Kerrigan iced everyone out more than this past weekend's East Coast storm to the stiff as a board "performance" from Tom Brady, just because they can flex...
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