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A patriotic Katy Perry is the perfect throwback for this Thursday

Oh man does this make me yearn for 2012. We don't go into political stuff around here at Hotties because T&A exploitation is exactly the place you go to when you want to avoid all of that nonsense. But when it comes to outtakes from a 2012 photoshoot that Katy Perry did for Parade magazine, well, I think we can all stare at her Ts and A while they're enrobed in stars & stripes. Katy's...
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Dina Meyer is a Throwback Thursday babe who's never stopped being hot

It seems like a million years since STARSHIP TROOPERS dropped its bizarre mix of science fiction, slapstick, wild action and alien craziness on the world but it was only back in 1997, not even a full 20 years ago that we got to check out the young hot cast who would go on to... well, Neil Patrick Harris went on to some amazing stuff and he was the member I would have voted least likely to be...
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A Throwback Thursday treat for Trekkies: Marina Sirtis in a bikini ala '86

Woooooo-wheeee! This is a post in honour of my dad, who had a thing for Marina Sirtis back when she joined the cast of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" in 1987. These pictures were taken right before she got the more dignified role of Counselor Deanna Troi, the half Betazoid who got all Dr Phil on passengers of the Enterprise. A never-really-picked up series called "Room at the Bottom"...
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Victoria Justice is rocking a smile and one very sexy outfit. Yay!

The relatively consistent news regarding Victoria Justice as of late has made life a little more enjoyable. I get to wake up every morning and write about attractive females and it's pretty normal now for me to come across something V.J. related (you know, after writing out her initials like that, I've realized it has a little too close of a relation to another word so I probably...
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