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I am totally good with Thora Birch making a comeback

A couple weeks ago she popped up at the Hollywood Film Awards and even Droz called it when he featured her in a Flashback Friday where all of you responded enthusiastically. But as far as the Hollywood machine goes, Thora Birch has been largely... at large. In a magazine that I've never heard of called No Tofu, the indie darling actress of the early 00's puts forth a great photoshoot...
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Even if Thora Birch is no longer the cynical teen cutie, she's still got that rack

We got a rather eye-opening reminder this weekend of how much time has passed since Thora Birch was the go to name for moody teen characters with unusual desires and interests. I'm seeing a lot of folks around the web confessing amazement at how different she looks now. Granted, Thora is kind of a far sight from her days as a plucky youth, smart-assing her way through movies with her own...
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