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Saoirse Ronan elegantly wraps up 2015

I don't know where these pictures of BROOKLYN star Saoirse Ronan and ROOM star Brie Larson were taken but I love them. The two actresses are heavy in contention for awards season, with both of them up for a 2016 Best Actress in a Drama Golden Globe so far. I do know that the rest of the pictures came from The Wrap magazine, which features an interview with the Irish beauty where she talks...
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Jaimie Alexander is fine for The Wrap

This was yet another instance where Marvel hit the casting bull's-eye. If anyone can pull off the fierce regal thing it's the statuesque Jaimie Alexander . I still don't understand how the mighty Thor – son of Oden – could take Jane over Sif. It always begged the question why would Thor pine over a mere mortal when he could be making thunderclaping...
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It's always a party when Katharine McPhee wraps her butt up in something tight

The Wrap did a big write up on some of the shows that will feature prominently in the new fall TV season. Central among those represented in their accompanying photo spread was Katharine McPhee and her tight dress making a fine showing of her great glutes. I'm not sure her show Scorpion is much of anything for me to look forward to. In fact, a lot of TV right now is pretty much a bore...
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