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Face Off: AnnaSophia Robb vs. Vanessa Hudgens

Solid win for Leighton Meester over Gillian Jacobs in the last Face Off challenge. I agree that Leighton has got the hotness part locked up. On the other hand, I'd be much more likely to hang out and have a beer with Gillian. She seems like a barrel of laughs. Both AnnaSophia Robb and Vanessa Hudgens have birthdays this week. Today AnnaSophia can legally drink a proper toast...
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Exclusive Video: Movie Hotties in Short Shorts!

We're smack-dab in the middle of Spring, which means there are many months of sun ahead. The heat has already arrived early, but it isn't bikini season just yet. Short shorts, however, are completely relevant right now. This got us thinking about all the great short shorts moments in movies, of which there are plenty. There's Gemma Arterton in TAMARA DREWE, Vanessa Ferlito in DEATH...
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Well hello there, Debby Ryan. You're 18, right?

These baby-faced girls with the hot tits are starting to seriously f*ck with my brain. What the hell is going on here? First we had Selena Gomez rocking the hot ass with the 5-year-old face. Now it's Debby Ryan basically doing the same thing at THE WAY WAY BACK premiere this weekend. Is our obsession with youth somehow mutating into a new generation of women who mature normally, except for...
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