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Natalie Dormer is our Hottie of the Month for February 2017 (video)

What can I say about beloved Brit hottie Natalie Dormer she hasn't already made clear a hundred times before in movies and TV shows she's helped make iconic through the power of her incredible hotness. Girl is one of the most powerfully sexy women ever to bless the big and small screens. I say powerful because it's frequently the case that the male characters simply cannot resist...
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Natalie Dormer keeps it shaved in GQ

You might have noticed, if you watched this years SAG awards show, how Natalie Dormer decided to shave a third of her head for some reason. Why did she do this? I don't know. Perhaps it was a conspiracy to make the job of the wig wranglers on Game of Thrones even harder. Maybe she's just kind of wild that way. I get that vibe from Natalie. She seems like a live wire and certainly is that on...
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Hottie Report Card: Natalie Dormer

Okay, her name has been plaguing the comments section on practically a weekly basis for a while now, so I figure I'd throw you a frickin' bone and give you your Natalie Dormer . Natalie has been gradually climbing the hottie ladder for years by presenting her cute boobies on period-based drama series like "The Tudors", and more famously, "Game Of Thrones". Personally, I never really...
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Flashback Friday: Gabrielle Anwar will always represent the 90s

You might have seen Gabrielle Anwar in various modern day stuff. She was on that show The Tudors and she's another show called Burn Notice. So she's not the sort who hangs around for awhile and then disappears or diminishes like so many of the hotties many of us knew and loved back in the day. Still, when I think of Gabby, it's not the current version of Gabrielle that comes...
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