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The Hottie Stop interviews Riley Voelkel, from The Secret Lives of Dorks and The Newsroom!

Attention dorks: Riley Voekel is open to dating you. And I'm not just talking about the adorable cheerleader character she plays in the new romantic comedy THE SECRET LIVES OF DORKS, but in real life too. In fact, the blond stunner used to be something of a dork herself. In SECRET LIVES, Voelkel portrays Carrie, a good-hearted beauty who finds herself helping out nerdy classmate...
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Olivia Munn brings her revamped hotness to the Letterman studios

I've waffled back and forth regarding whether or not I'm a fan of Olivia Munn and I can say this - I don't like her acting thus far. That doesn't mean that I'm not open to considering that she has room for improvement. That doesn't mean that I'll go out of my way to avoid looking at her either. The woman is distinctly beautiful and I've never denied that physically, she's a total babe. I...
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Olivia Munn reminds us what her bikini body looks like in Esquire!

I'm always happy to post about Olivia Munn (especially on a lucky Munn-day), but this may be the best story of hers I've ever had the pleasure of presenting to you schmoes. Plain and simple, Olivia Munn is making a photoshoot appearance in the July issue of Esquire magazine. And boy, what a photoshoot it is. I knew Munn was still hot underneath all those business-casual dresses...
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