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BOTB Mummy Babes: Ashley Hinshaw vs Rachel Weisz vs Sofia Boutella

Hot off the heels of the tremendous success of WONDER WOMAN (not only a great film but the beacon of hope for future superheroine movies), we're heading into a week where critics are already complaining that THE MUMMY is one of Tom Cruise's worst films . At least the genre, what little of it there is to go off of in recent years, with the majority of films about the supernatural...
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Hot or Not: Annabelle Wallis

For those of you who haven't seen WONDER WOMAN, you really should. For those of you who responded to last week's feature on Connie Nielsen, you were right about her being super hot. She was one of my favorite parts of the movie (I actually wish there had been more Robin Wright, but that gripe is minor about this awesome film!) as Diana's mom, making me wish she were featured as much...
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Annabelle Wallis scares up some classy cleavage for Mummy's Paris premiere

Annabelle Wallis might have gotten off to a rough start with her A-lister status after her appearance in ANNABELLE didn't quite have the box office punch that its source material, THE CONJURING, did. But that didn't seem to stop the opinion of Tom Cruise, who wanted her as his leading lady in THE MUMMY and what Tom Cruise wants, Tom Cruise gets. Wallis doesn't have the flashy role, which...
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Face Off: Carla Gugino vs. Rachel Weisz

No clear winner in last week's Face Off between Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jessica Alba . This is probably for the best. Sure, we could go on and on about all their various good points until kingdom come. Yet, in the end, it's always gonna be two insanely hot women anyone would be lucky to have. Best to just leave it at that. Today marks Carla Gugino's 45th birthday. Earlier...
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Sofia Boutella was beyond hot at the London premiere of Star Trek

I knew this chick was only going to keep getting hotter. After bursting onto the scene as the razor-footed Gazelle, Sofia Boutella became very hot property that everyone wanted to get their hands on. Sofia had a couple of dance oriented movies on her resume before booking the big budget role in Matthew Vaughn's spy flick, where she clearly gets that fluid elegance to her body, which she put...
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