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Winona Ryder is still vampiric after all these years

Winona Ryder has an interview and photo spread in Interview this month that coincides with her new movie THE ICEMAN. In the article she discusses her return to full time movie-making as well as some of the ups and downs she's faced in the past. It's curious how she's never quite lived down that whole shoplifting thing from years and years ago. What's the big deal? I know so many women who do...
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Winona Ryder only has crazy eyes for James Franco at Iceman premiere

Seeing as how THE ICEMAN is chock-full of a wonderful array of male acting lusciousness - Ray Liotta, Michael Shannon, Benicio del Toro, Chris Evans, and yeah, I suppose James Franco too - I would think that keeping your eyes in one place at the premiere of the movie when you're the only main female star in it would be difficult. Not so, for Winona Ryder . She was all about what appears to...
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The Hottie Stop Interviews Christa Campbell from Spiders 3D

The very first time I had the opportunity to meet Christa Campbell was when she was promoting the horror comedy 2001 MANIACS. She was amazing! I was a fan of the bloody horror flick and quickly became of fan of hers as well. Since then the actress has appeared in a number of low budget features including MANSQUITO and DAY OF THE DEAD as well as starring opposite Jason Statham in THE...
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