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Hottie Report Card: Sandra Bullock

If there's an ideal time of year to test-run a brand new "school"-themed column, it's obviously the middle of July, right? In the Hottie Report Card , we'll take a look at particular hottie/celebrity and discuss where they stand on the hot-o-meter by "grading" them in six different categories. Sounds simple enough, right? Kinda like...
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Sandra Bullock still looking hot at The Heat premiere

Dear God, Sandra Bullock has aged miraculously. The girl is 48 years old now and still she sends my heart fluttering. It doesn't hurt that she has a kicking sense of humor to go along with her rocking body, which just ups the bangability factor for me. Here she can be seen at the premiere for THE HEAT looking' real good.  Enjoy the pictures below! 
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Sandra Bullock stills packs the heat, brings it to the Curzon Mayfair in London

I'm not sure how I feel about THE HEAT , the vehicle which brings Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock together as the two completely different cops who are looking for a missing tiara and matching pairs of lederhosen... oh, let's face it. While Bullock continues to reprise the same schlocky tough-girl crap with stupid jokes in her comedies, making them painfully predictable, every so often...
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Hot or Not: Melissa McCarthy

I'd like to point out that there seems to be an odd middle ground when it comes to women of size. I'm not saying "women of size" to include only the big girls. I'm thinking about how many Schmoes I've heard complain that skinny actresses need to eat cheeseburgers. (Pasta type carbs are far more effective for weight gain, just FYI.) Most constantly praise the "healthy" look on women in...
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