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Do these glasses make Adrianne Curry look smarter at the Grandmaster premiere?

I'll admit that Adrianne Curry is far from being one of my personal favorite people. Much like that statement doesn't have a whole lot of sense when it comes to this post, neither does Curry's appearance at the Arclight Cinemas premiere of THE GRANDMASTER . She's not in the movie or involved with its making. I supposed she could be involved with one of the people who are/were/whatever,...
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Zhang Ziyi teaches Maria Menounos some moves on Extra set

Thank God for Extra . If it weren't for them continuing to employ Maria Menounos to read news and talk to celebrities (that's what she does, right?), who knows if I'd get my M.M. fix without having to rummage through her trash or dash into a salon and steal some of her hair after she left. That'd just be awful. Anyway, here's Maria welcoming Zhang Ziyi to the show to...
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Zhang Ziyi is as delicate as a lotus flower at the premiere of her new movie

Zhang Ziyi was at a couple premieres of her new movie, THE GRANDMASTER, about the life of the man who supposedly trained Bruce Lee. Looks like another excuse for Zhang to run around attacking dudes with her tiny punches. It's funny how everyone thinks of her as a person of a certain ass-kicking potential, because I never look at her that way at all. She looks so delicate and fragile to me, as...
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