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Maitland Ward continues to blatantly court the geek contingent

I suppose if you're a woman in your late 30s who's goal is to make a bunch of costumed geeks 20 years your junior pay attention to what you're doing, one could do worse than to show up at a comic convention sporting not one, but two of sci-fi's most iconic boner-producing outfits. That's what Maitland Ward was up to at the Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend, switching it up between Leeloo...
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I Don't Know What Joanna Krupa's doing or why she's doing it, but she looks angelic doing it

Now with Halloween out of the way, so long are the ridiculously hot pictures of celebrities wearing next to nothing and looking ridiculously sexy while doing so…except for maybe today. And the next few days.. You see, I'm a man of nostalgia and while Halloween was just yesterday and it really wasn't anything special, it was still in the past, making me nostalgic for looking back on it and...
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Whatever Milla Jovovich took before this Vogue Turkey shoot, I wanna share

I knew she was a wild child in her earlier years. One of the youngest models to start appearing on covers of magazines, Milla Jovovich was always an ambitious woman, pursuing a career in Hollywood even if her starting roles were as the hippie chick in DAZED & CONFUSED who does nothing more than look good and pretend to play guitar. (In all fairness, that came after her botched attempts at...
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