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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Hottest Rebooted Babes

If there's one thing Hollywood believes in it's do overs - at least where movies are concerned. The passage of time is their perfect excuse for rebooting old and sometimes not-so-old movies with a fresh cast and a mediocre new approach. We see at least a dozen of these retreads every year. We've got one coming out today, you might have heard about it - THE FANTASTIC FOUR? They're...
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The Top Ten Emma Stone Roles

For those of us in the States, we've yet to watch THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 and determine for ourselves if the film is as lacking as those no-spoiler-alerting Aussies I know keep blabbing it is. Ultimately, though, this is a film in which our love and obsession with Emma Stone only gets the opportunity to flourish ever more, so it can't be all bad. This week let's look at some of the roles...
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Face Off: Emma Stone vs. Alison Brie

An overwhelming number of you gave Alexandra Daddario's big reveal the win over Angelina Jolie's in last week's Face Off . I suppose. As some of you said, Angelina's scenes were much more lengthy and varied. Though Alexandra was looking GOOD in hers. I think it all comes down to the novelty of the thing. Alexandra's naked ass is new and exciting, whereas Angelina's is well covered...
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