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Kate Upton is casually cute in Vogue Thailand

When someone asked me recently to explain why Kate Upton was so popular without mentioning her boobs, I had to go with the obvious. Upton is the closest thing we're going to get to another Marilyn Monroe. That adorable face, the mole, the way she poses in a child-like fashion while oozing sensuality, it's more Marilyn than anyone who has tried to play the popular icon in any of the...
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Sara Malakul Lane gifts a Playboy spread to her homeland

This spread might be a bit of a bait and switch for fans of Playboy, as they don't strip down to the same amount of skin over in Sara Malakul Lane's native Thailand as they do elsewhere in the world. No matter though. It's Sara and she's showing off plenty of herself. That's just fine by me. I'll take this befreckled, Eurasian princess however I can get her. You name it, Sara's got it. It's...
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Kim Kardashian creates pearls with her sandy bikinied ass in Thailand

With all the sand that's been artfully smeared over the dumper of Kim Kardashian , I have to venture that she's going to shit out a string of pearls at some point. We already know that Kim likes her pearl necklaces, so it's interesting to see her doing all the work this time around, as she was meticulously tended to while on this bikini photo shoot in Thailand. The mom to North West has been...
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Add Ameena Pinij to the list of hot Asian models that you should be paying attention to

Ameena Pinij is a Thai model, 27-years old and apparently a college graduate who holds a degree in business. That's about as much information that I can find on her in English language websites and honestly, do we really need to know that much more? FHM has been solidly rocking the models in various countries lately, doing an even more bang-up job than their competitor, Maxim. With her image...
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