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Kylie Jenner gets the Terry Richardson treatment for Galore magazine

I try to refrain from the Jendashian family as much as I can and believe me, even when I do post the once every couple of weeks or so about any number of them, that's a huge restraint, considering that you can't escape any member of this family. The whole package of wealth wrapped up tight in the bare minimum education makes me sad for this world. Once upon a time rich families were the only...
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Amber Heard gives us a weirdly hot Interview

It's good to see that Amber Heard isn't devoting the entirety of her hotness potential for her fiance. She clearly keeps a little reserve tank of sexy around to make happen spreads like those in this month's Interview magazine. It's also good to see her starting to inch her way back into the public life after a prolonged courting period with her guy. I suppose that's what you could call it....
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Anastasia Ashley showed off her perfect ass to the creepiest of creeps

I know what you're thinking. When you read my title and you saw "The creepiest of creeps" you were probably upset that Ashley showed her wonderful ass off to me personally. No, no friends. As creepy as I am there is one other who takes the creep cake and we all know that I'm talking about Terry Richardson by now. Yeah, I may not like the guy, but goddamn it does he have that ability to get...
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Nicki Minaj busts out her patriotic boobies on the cover of Rolling Stone

She might have lost out the Best Hip Hop People's Choice Award to Iggy Azalea the other night, but that's a small drop from the bucket of Nicki Minaj that's poured out on the cover of the January 2015 Rolling Stone. The "Anaconda" rapper looks about as "normal" as it gets in the music industry - that meaning she isn't sporting a neon colored wig and there's more flesh on display for the...
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