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Zoe Kravitz hits the waves in a couple hot bikinis

Like many folks, I had a special thing for ZoŽ Kravitz when I first saw her in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Definitely a cutie. Looking at her folks, I'm amazed that she hasn't managed to get me annoyed with her yet. Her dad Lenny has always been good for the annoyance, be it from his repetitively played music or his goofy fashion sense. I haven't heard from her mom Lisa Bonet in awhile, but I recall...
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Face Off: X-Men Hotties vs. X-men: First Class Hotties

Mary-Louise Parker destroyed her competition, Catherine Zeta-Jones by a 16 to 5 vote in last week's Face Off . That was another one of those times when I fully expected my vote to go to one way, but ended up going another. Like many of you, I always thought I liked MLP the best, but then I put my decision-making process through the Face Off filter and it turned out CZJ was more my...
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