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Megan Fox is single again! You still don't have a chance

It would seem that prolonged marriage happy situation going around in various celebrity circles has started to back up on itself in 2015. All sorts of folks calling it Splitsville this year. The latest couple to make their lack of thrill official is Megan Fox and 90210 boy, who've concluded their 11-year relationship. Actually, it seems their union hit the rocks earlier in the year, but...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Hottest Rebooted Babes

If there's one thing Hollywood believes in it's do overs - at least where movies are concerned. The passage of time is their perfect excuse for rebooting old and sometimes not-so-old movies with a fresh cast and a mediocre new approach. We see at least a dozen of these retreads every year. We've got one coming out today, you might have heard about it - THE FANTASTIC FOUR? They're...
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Megan Fox flaunts the fruits of her abs work on a Hawaiian bikini vacay

Seems like it was around this time last year when we got a similar set of photos featuring Megan Fox emerging from Hawaiian waters in a bikini. I guess this is where she and 90210 boy go to escape the winter chill. I don't remember Megan having the abs she has here last time around. Clearly the TMNT actress has been doing some work on herself there. She's looking good. Digging the tan line...
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