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Farrah Abraham tries on blonde for an Xmas bikini photoshoot

If he sees you when you're sleeping & knows when you're awake, I'm guessing that Santa is also going to take note when you change your hair color and don a bikini. At least, that's what I'm suspecting former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham was counting on when she did this sexy Xmas themed photoshoot wearing a bikini in Santa's colors. The bottoms of this ensemble do not look water friendly to me,...
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Oh, Santa Baby! Former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham does sexy Xmas photoshoot

The only shows that I've watched on MTV in the past 10 years have been "Awkward." and "Teen Wolf," and both were surprisingly worthwhile. As for the long-running campaign by the network to devolve into a weird peep show with different reality series that feature people you hate to find out became your new neighbors, praying for their departure while alternately sharing their bird-brained,...
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Would you tap that? (Farrah Abraham)

I take back all the shit I talked about how MTV should have never had "Remote Control" on the air because it was the death knell for the fumbling video music site. Only difference between that show and what's currently be aired on the network is that they both had/have annoying sidekicks (Sorry Kari Wuhrer). For "Jersey Shore" it's any of the bitches who aren't Snooki or J-Woww. For "Teen Mom"...
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