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Melissa Benoist's dainty demeanor for Supergirl promo

Notoriety can happen in an instant. I know she had a run on glee, but 2015 is the kick off to Melissa Benoist's career. First there was her small part as the love interest in the widely acclaimed Whiplash , and now she's the lead in her own CBS series Supergirl. Some gals have all the luck. Instead of being bitter over someone else's shot-put to success, let's reflect on...
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Chloe Bennet rocks the animal print, blows kisses at Disney's Summer TCA Tour

Chloe Bennet is not always one for looking happy on the red carpet. At many of the Marvel events over the past year, I've encountered the "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." star frozen in a state of grump, unsmiling and awkward. I have to guess that the young actress was having trouble adjusting to being seen as the ABC show's hottest piece of fresh meat because when they were first doing promos, I...
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Enjoy a pair of Disney hotties showing off their family values at the TCA show

There's some irony to be had at events like these TCA shows, which bring out the various hotties from all the networks looking to promote their productions. In this case, the irony is a background covered in ABC Family logos, while two of the mouse's primetime hotties show off their sexy goods in revealing dresses. Not that I'm opposed to actresses Emily Osment or Rebecca Rittenhouse...
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