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Day 3 on set with Kelly Brook serves up more of her in that tight pink sweater

The quality Kelly Brook moments just keep coming from the set of her movie TAKING STOCK. Today we're getting some more shots of her in this sexy little pink sweater and tight skirt. Very nice that is, though it didn't register with me at first that this movie is supposed to be a BONNIE & CLYDE homage and Kelly just happens to be wearing a similar outfit to those Faye Dunaway wore in that...
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Day 2 on set with Kelly Brook brings upskirts, dog crap, forced feedings and other strangeness

Oh boy, here we go with more consecutive days of Kelly Brook pics. This could get ugly, as movies take a long ass time to film. If paparazzi are hitting that set everyday, I might have to start restraining myself, lest this site become KellyBrookIsAHottie.com. We're practically there now. What am I going to do? Look, there's an upskirt. Like I'm going to ignore that. There's a guy...
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