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Cindy Crawford gets nipply & assumes the position for latest shoot

There was a big hullabaloo on the interwebs last month when that supposedly unaltered image of Cindy Crawford posing for Marie Claire magazine went viral. What got people so worked up about a 49-year old mother of two having wrinkles and other imperfections on her famous supermodel body? Some got angry that she didn't look as good as they expected her to, some got angry at those people...
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Hottie Report Card: Nina Agdal

This week's hottie student is not an actress per se, but she was a requested by Movie Fan Central schmoe Gradz , so how could I say no? (Especially when I'm behind on time and scrapped for ideas?) While career bikini models are always welcome around these parts, they often come and go within weeks, but the Danish and delicious  Nina Agdal  has...
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley joins the ranks of supermodels who smell good

I can't seem to stop debating on how I feel about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley , seen here wearing a neglige for the launch of her Autograph perfume line. I'm not sure why Rosie felt the need to wear bedroom attire for the public launch of a fragrance, but the net result is a very much typical presentation from Rosie. She's definitely got that model look about her. Nothing there that doesn't...
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Let's kick back with supermodel Chanel Iman

I used to think that supermodel Chanel Iman came from some far flung island in a remote corner of the world, populated by a variety of fascinating expat characters who literally come together to create such exotic creatures like Chanel. Nope, none of that. She's as red-blooded American as your friendly news editor here, born in Atlanta and raised in LA. Her exotic looks come from a mix of...
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