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Hottie Clip: Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four & Rise of the Silver Surfer

I can't imagine why anyone would currently be sitting at their computers instead of at their local movie theater watching the latest rendition of something resembling a  FANTASTIC FOUR film. Have you not seen the reviews? Despite all the hate, there is a strong chance it will pull through at the box office, whether you like it or not. The irony is that many will see...
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BOTB Sue Storms: Kate Mara vs Jessica Alba vs Rebecca Staab

Last week you guys were heavily in favor of Paula Patton in the Battle of the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE babes, although that was when you were forced to choose from the three that I'd selected. Many noted that Emmanuelle Beart was the bigger winner. As for this week, I'm hoping that the box office gods will shine down on the new FANTASTIC FOUR movie since I'm not doing so great with my...
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The Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Big Sisters

Get ready for another trip into the realm of the FANTASTIC FOUR ! I thought about all of the different angles I could go with a top ten from this film and I'm honestly tapped of any comic book variations. We get it, the women from those worlds, both on the page and the screen are goddesses. So I went with what I think of when it comes to the group of unlikely superheroes - the fact that Sue...
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Face Off: Kate Mara vs. Jessica Alba

No clear winner in last week's Face Off between Elizabeth Gillies and Victoria Justice . Not surprising that folks are divided into different groups, considering how different they are. Different or not, in the end they still manage to be hot in their own way. This week Fox and Marvel take yet another stab at getting a new iteration of THE FANTASTIC 4 onto movie screens. As I...
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Kate Mara slips a little nipple into her Esquire spread

How nice of Kate Mara to grace us with an ever so slight peek at the forbidden areas of her perfect, teardrop-shaped titties. I haven't seen the FANTASTIC FOUR star go this clothing absent in some time. I suspect some strategic hype building at work here by Fox and Marvel, in an attempt to get butt hurt Fantastic Four fans interested in learning whether this new incarnation treats the source...
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