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Hottie Clip: Julie Michaels in Road House

Movies have a tendency to make even the most mundane career fields look badass, whether it be archeology, law, teaching or even babysitting. One of the most glorified jobs in the movie universe seems to be club security, or "bouncing". If you thought bouncers did nothing more than stand outside of bars playing Candy Crush, you're probably right, but that opinion is bound...
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Hottie Clip: Erica Durance on Smallville

Before the Marvel universe began taking over our television sets, and the singing WB frog finally croaked, there was Smallville . This was during a transitional period where someone could mutter the names "Batman" or "Superman" without a dark cloud forming above them. With the somewhat "disappointing" feedback coming out in regards to...
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Flashback Friday: Anyone else have a love/hate thing with Demi Moore?

I've been watching Demi Moore movies most of my life. I watched her again in ST. ELMO'S FIRE just the other day. For over 3 decades she's been around, elevating herself from nobody special, to Brat Packer, to Hollywood big shot in a remarkably short span of time. Did she get that because she's a great actress? I don't think so, although she has been a part of some...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Hottest Strip Scenes

If your wife and/or girlfriend or gay buddy disappears at some point next weekend, you'll probably be able to find them at the movie theater for the opening of MAGIC MIKE XXL. Get used to feeling totally inadequate for awhile fellas. I suppose it's apropos. Us guys have plenty of go to movies for female strippers. It's only right that the ladies get in a little cinematic body...
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