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Demi Lovato is your new pretty in pink Smurfette

I am really digging this long, straightened hair on Demi Lovato here at the photocall for SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE . She sure looks a helluva lot less enthusiastic than I would getting to stand next to Joe Manganiello, but I guess when you're as deep in the hot dudes as she is, that sort of thing would be no big. The newest Smurf movie will have Demi stepping into Katy Perry's high heels...
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Vanessa Hudgens premieres major fan love at the LA Springbreakers premiere

There are three other women in the SPINGBREAKERS movie and I'm a fan of them all, but I've got to say, if I were to place money on a winning pony who will be around much longer than the others, I'm going with Vanessa Hudgens . During the LA premiere, she stopped several times to take pics with her fans, and you can't sell me on the notion that the smile on her face is anything but genuine. Her...
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