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Halle Berry shows off her curvy MILF body in a tight dress

Halle Berry was looking good at the premiere of her new show Extant last night, still looking stacked and nicely curvy after the relatively recent birth of her kid at the ripe old age of 48. Apparently 48 really is the new 24, or something. I don't know much about this show, other than the fact that the president's daughter was a PA on the show. Must have been difficult for some on set VIP...
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Face Off: X-Men Hotties vs. X-men: First Class Hotties

Mary-Louise Parker destroyed her competition, Catherine Zeta-Jones by a 16 to 5 vote in last week's Face Off . That was another one of those times when I fully expected my vote to go to one way, but ended up going another. Like many of you, I always thought I liked MLP the best, but then I put my decision-making process through the Face Off filter and it turned out CZJ was more my...
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Halle Berry shows off her fine berries to Leno

The chinned one couldn't keep his eyes of Halle Berry's prizes last night during her appearance on his horrible show. I think that's understandable. Those might be nearly 50-year-old bazongas she's showing off in her low cut dress, but they've been well looked after. As Indiana Jones once said, it's not the year, it's the mileage. Having walked more than a few miles with Halle during her...
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