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Demi Lovato airs out her cleavage while talking about her Open Mind

She might not be doing the coke thing anymore but man does Demi Lovato have the glassy-eyed stare of a habitual stoner at this Open Minds Gala, where she received an award for her advocacy for mental health awareness. The singer has admitted to taking time off to recoup from the stress being a celebrity can bring, including her struggles with eating disorders and cocaine addiction. Since I...
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Carmen Electra and Nicole Scherzinger share the 2013 hottest of Halloween prize

Okay, so that was Halloween 2013. Did you have a good time? Personally, if I never see another guy dressed as some iteration of Walter White again it will be too soon. Anyway, now comes the time to crown a winner for hottest hottie in costume. There were a lot of contenders this year and certainly some impressive costumes. While I commend folks like Heidi Klum for the effort they put into...
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The many faces of Olivia Wilde at SXSW 2013

Olivia Wilde was all over the place at South By Southwest this year, going to movie premieres and attending the obscure panel discussions. What was more impressive were her rather startling appearance modifications for these various events. Just look at her in these pics. You got that first set where she's kind of laid back with her hair down. Then you have the second set where she's much...
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