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We have to get Lauren Cohan off the air, quick

Is it me, or has The Walking Dead just become the biggest downer on TV? I'm sure many of you saw that f*cking season premiere last night. Christ. I haven't been that bummed after a hour and a half since the last presidential debate. And that kind of gets to the root of the problem. Everything seems to be so shitty right now. Do we really need to be introducing the bloody murder of beloved...
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Sarah Shahi takes her cleavage out to greet Stallone and Kang

While most of you guys are going to drool over Sarah Shahi and her forever unaccompanied by a bra set of tits, I know there will be others of you who will fawn over Mr. Botox, Sylvester Stallone, looking forward with intense anticipation to his latest movie, BULLET TO THE HEAD getting released this weekend. Since I'm a girl, I'm looking forward to the zombie who retrieves his lost heart...
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