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Battle of the Babes Hunger Games Blondes Edition: Leven Rambin vs Stephanie Leigh Schlund vs Natalie Dormer

Why was there no Ginnifer Goodwin in last week's "Once Upon a Time" battle? Because I really don't care for her. Plus it was a great way to see Jamie Chung take a win. Did I stack the deck? Sure. When does the deck not get stacked to the advantage of the one creating the game? That thought made me think of all the hotness that is going on in THE HUNGER GAMES movies, which has lead me to...
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The Hunger Games Catching Fire catches a lot of hotties for its Los Angeles premiere

When did Jena Malone turn into an alien? I recall this girl being super cute when she was younger, from DONNIE DARKO to SAVED! but something seems to have changed along the way. I understand that it's working to her benefit when it comes to the HUNGER GAMES movies, where she's snagged a role as Johanna Mason, one of the former victors in the Hunger Games who is going to appear and be...
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