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The Top 10 Hottest Ladies of Sports

In this week's release, RACE , we get a look at the discrimination that occurred when Jesse Owens, one of the most phenomenal athletes of all time, competed at the 1936 Olympics and blew people's minds. Because of the crap Owens had to endure, the way was paved for people of all different races to excel at sports, although I assert that he made as big of a dent for women to get respect in...
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Hottie Clip: Rachel McAdams in Southpaw

Now that the excitement of football has left the room for at least a few weeks, many will turn to another brain-damaging game to get their kicks from: boxing. Who doesn't enjoy watching two grown men pound each other's faces into sacks of blood and teeth? Of course, without any knowledge of the "sport", we all know that even the most amped up fights can be a let down....
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TGIFs: Sports-tastic Hottie Gifs (Exclusive)

The following exclusive gifs are dedicated to women in sports, or just hotties who happen to be in sports-related movies. Is there a good reason for such a particular theme this week? Nope, there are no big sports movies to be seen this weekend, unless Kevin James riding on a Segway counts. As far as I can tell, there’s not even anything huge currently happening in the world of...
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