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Denise Richards is eating ice cream in a bikini because of course she is

I don't particularly care for the shaming this and shaming that nonsense that goes on. I can realistically look at Denise Richards in a Jets bikini, languidly licking at a pink ice cream cone in what is clearly a staged set of photographs trying to pass themselves off as casual. I laugh more at the concept that anyone would believe that Richards was caught having a sugary snack while in...
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Miley Cyrus must be looking to trademark this whole NSFW thing

Let me begin with saying that Miley Cyrus is not the epitome of absolute hotness to me. I prefer my women to have longer hair, more meat on their bones, a better personality and when I eventually meet a woman who I want to marry and live with me in my mom's basement, I hope her love affair with ecstasy isn't nearly as intense as Miley's. That said, I don't think Miley's...
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