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All the effort Emilia Clarke gives to being hot has made her a little sleepy

Poor Emilia Clarke . She was doing her best to show off sexy for the folks at this fashion thing she was attending yesterday, but I think she took it a bit too far. Thus her efforts at evoking a bedroom eyes situation encroached humorously into a sleepy/stoned eyes territory. Or maybe she just really is that tired/stoned. I wouldn't blame her. I'm sure she has to spend a fair amount of her...
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Some dude got a few creepy pics of Vanessa Hudgens exercising, but I'll post them anyway

Some creepy McCreepster got his his hands on a nice camera and went to town on Vanessa Hudgens working out. Not that I'm mad, or anything. In fact, I thank this guy. Had it not been for him him and his creepy ass ability to capture images of celebrities working out, I wouldn't have realized two things: One: Vanessa Hudgens hates to do pilates and two: How f*cking creepy some people can be....
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