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Victoria Justice is rocking a smile and one very sexy outfit. Yay!

The relatively consistent news regarding Victoria Justice as of late has made life a little more enjoyable. I get to wake up every morning and write about attractive females and it's pretty normal now for me to come across something V.J. related (you know, after writing out her initials like that, I've realized it has a little too close of a relation to another word so I probably...
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Taylor Swift's sexy outfit may cause your Jingle Balls to ache

Now that enough time has gone by and I can finally go more than two hours without having her new song invade my brain, I can appreciate Taylor Swift again for what she is: a pretty lady. It's no surprise with Christmas right around the corner that something called the Z100's Jingle Ball happened the other night, but what is surprising is the amount of sexy tummy, shoulder and leg action...
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Olivia Munn is quite the swinger

Ow... If you haven't already watched this, you might not want to. Unless the sound of a human body colliding with the hardest of the hardwood floors in the world doesn't make every part of you cringe. This hits me on a childhood level, evoking terrifying memories of various dislocations and broken bones I suffered as an irresponsible kid playing Russian Roulette with playground equipment....
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