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Lea Michele keeps her new photoshoot casually hot

I'm gonna go ahead and assume this Lea Michele spread by photographer Eric Ray Davidson is a thinly-veiled advertisement for the upcoming tour in support of her new album Places . Quite a stretch, I know. What could possibly make me think that, other than the merch she's wearing in most of these pics? Hey, girl has tickets to sell. What better way to do that than turn your own bangable...
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Amanda Seyfried had an upskirt problem during her rainy Paris photoshoot

I was speaking just yesterday of the advantages paps have in terms of angle of shots. Clearly whoever was doing this photoshoot with Amanda Seyfried wasn't doing so for the up skirt pics (or in this case up shirt pics) of the beautiful Hollywood hottie. Fortunately someone on the sidelines did manage to capture this perspective for us. And as is usually the case with moments like these, I...
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Get on your knees for Dianna Agron, who's looking like royalty

Sometimes it's just nice to catch up with a hottie to make sure she's doing okay. She doesn't have to be doing anything incredibly important and if they're not found in public doing something crazy or promoting a movie, it's easy to sometimes forget about them - even for a moment. Thankfully, Dianna Agron popped her pretty little head up at a play called MCQUEEN for its...
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