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Adrianne Palicki was sexy, sleek & smiling at Fox Upfronts

Chalk up another show of Adrianne Palicki's that I'm never going to watch. The lithe blonde was at the Fox Upfronts promoting her new Fox show, Orville , a comedy of sorts that riffs on the Star Trek universe, created by Seth MacFarlane. I hate Seth MacFarlane. He's not funny and I would appreciate the rest of you figuring that out and knocking off all the encouragement you give him. It's...
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I'm dreaming of a Katharine Mcphee-mas

That wasn't a candy cane in Santa's pocket after meeting with "Scorpion" star Katharine McPhee at Christmas concert held at The Grove in Los Angeles, California. The event, hosted by Seth MacFarlane, featured Kat singing her little heart out, something that we don't see as frequently from her since her acting career has taken off. She was joined on stage by MacFarlane and other pop singers...
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BOTB: MacFarlane's Gals: Amanda Seyfried vs Mila Kunis vs Sanaa Lathan

Kaya Scodelario won last week's battle mainly because she was the only babe featured that most of you were acquainted with. That was sort of the point behind the battle, to introduce you to some new faces on some good shows from NetFlix that you're probably not watching. All of which would be better than you giving more money to Smug Peter Brady and his latest movie, even if he does...
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