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Face Off: Margot Robbie vs. Morena Baccarin

Even though I went with Mila Kunis , ya'll made sure Kristen Bell had the clear win in last week's Face Off . Kristen is a cutie, but I'm content to be all about Mila. It's a history thing. Well, this is the big week when we find out if all the months of speculation and anticipation about SUICIDE SQUAD have been worth our time. I've got my fingers crossed. For some reason I have...
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Hottie Report Card: Morena Baccarin

Have we stroked Morena Baccarin enough this week? I don't think it's possible to stroke Morena too much. She's one of those people who can inject goodness into anything simply by being in it or even just near it. After giving her the Face Off treatment earlier in the week, it seems only appropriate to close out this week by giving her the standalone hottie assessment...
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Face Off: Morena Baccarin vs. Evangeline Lilly

It didn't come as much of a surprise to see Alexandra Daddario defeat Kelly Brook in last week's Face Off . She's at the top of many hottie lists right now - sort of like Kelly was not too long ago. Going with Ms. Brook must then make me sentimental. So be it. Kelly is nowhere near past it yet. We have another potentially problematic non-MCU Marvel movie coming up this week....
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Summer Glau, The nerds Aphrodite, attends Chicago Comic Con

Firefly fan boys are some of the most dedicated enthusiast you will ever come across. Years after a single season run and feature-length capstone, the loyalists still don the brown coat in attendance to nostalgic Q&A panels; honoring the brief sci-fi franchise. The nimble Summer Glau probably has something to do with the refuse-to-die enthusiasm. She captured the hearts and minds of...
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